5,000 acres and just 90 minutes east of Dallas, this exclusive Ranch Community is for families who are passionate about the outdoors.  

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Our Story



Entrepreneurs Ty Looney and Garry Kyle spent several years looking for a ranch for their families to enjoy.  Searching for land within 90 minutes of Dallas, they stumbled across White Oak Creek Ranch, a one of a kind property dedicated to wildlife management for the last 30 years.  At nearly 5,000 acres and larger than practical for a family ranch, the idea to create an exclusive Sportsmans Club was born.  


So how does it work? 


Each membership includes a picturesque 10 acre homesite on our 120 acre lake for the ranch house you’ve always wanted.  The property is managed and maintained by our professional staff with a ranch manager who lives on site.  Our members split the ongoing operating expenses of the club 20 ways, which is how we deliver unbeatable long term value.  The best part is that these dues are tax deductible!


Recreational activities abound for all members of the family and include skeet, rifle and pistol ranges, a 3D archery course, 4 different lakes and numerous ponds for fishing trophy bass.  A large community dock, paddle boats, canoes and kayaks will provide hours of fun family members of all ages.  50 miles of trails offer endless exploration and provide access to our numerous hunting areas.  World-famous for our duck hunting habitat, members also enjoy trophy whitetail deer managed with an MLD permit and unlimited pursuit of feral hogs.  Everything required to maintain this first-class property is taken care of by our full-time staff. 


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Member testimonials

Lynn R.

NOT just hunting

The ultimate family hangout!  While the boys are hunting and fishing my daughter and I enjoy paddle boating on the lake, shooting skeet at the range, and watching incredible sunsets with other ranch families.  There’s so much adventure to keep our teenagers busy.  Enjoying nature and experiencing this time as a family is priceless.

Rick S.

A Family Ranch

My wife and I were looking for a ranch for our family to enjoy quality family time.  We visited the ranch and immediately fell in love with it. The ranch is a well managed, fun-filled and relaxing place.  We look forward to our trips there and enjoy spending time outdoors with our kids and the other terrific members of the WOCR community. 

Brian R.

Best Hunting & Fishing in Texas

After looking at large ranches for several years, I realized that I didn't have the time to manage the place and the cost to run one(that you'd want) is unbelievable.  So it never happened until now!  With WOCR, we have a much better ranch for a fraction of the cost.  We bought two memberships and our annual dues (for both) cost less than one ranch hand’s annual salary.   Financially this is a no brainer. 


Wife & Children Love It

WOCR is the best all-around hunting and fishing property I’ve found.  Like the rest of the members here, we joined because my wife and children are just as excited to get here as I am.  This format really takes the stress out of property ownership.  We know firsthand that owning your own ranch is no picnic and WOCR has really changed the game for those of us who don't have time to keep up with a ranch property.